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History company

ROVI company - Ing. Andrej Tarnóczy (based in Kosice) established in 2002 focusing on servicing of the electronic equipment. During the first year the company was highly specialized on all brands cell phones service, with the intention to satisfy the customers not only by quality and low prices, but also by the speed of services.

During the year 2005 the Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and other game consoles joined the supported devices for service.

Since 2010 the service expanded to computer equipment, namely: MacBooks, laptops, monitors, motherboards, graphic cards, etc.
Our motto remains: the quality, speed, satisfaction of the customers.

ROVI company handles mobile phones, MacBooks, laptops, game consoles (XBOX and Playstation) services. Besides services we offer you to buy additional merchendise from our shop.


Up-dating: 15.01.2018

ROVI, Vojvodská 2, Košice, Slovakia
MacBooks, Mobile phones, Game consoles, Laptops services
Tel.: +421 905 864 305, email:,  Mon - Fri: 09:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 17:00