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Service of Laptops, Macbooks, Monitors

We provide Out of warranty - service of all known brands of Laptops and Monitors. Under term service is to be understand malfunction reparation, installation or exchange of different parts,  installation, resp. re-installation of operating system Windows, Macintosh , as well as solutions of specific demands based on mutual agreement.

We are offering services upon request via e-mail or telephonic contact for customers not living in Kosice, or for those who are unable to visit our operation place from various reasons and will deliver malfunctioning Laptop or Monitor. For more details refer to: How to describe laptop/monitor malfunction and Price list.

In such case it is necessary to fill in reparation order form, using the template, down-loadable here, or prepare handwritten order with requested content, that means, it should consist of name and surname of order issuer, address, phone contact, e-mail address or another type of contact, furthermore brand, type, if possible serial number of device (usually published on label on the bottom of the console, alternatively in the purchase confirmation), malfunction’s description, if known, the origin of the malfunction, finishing with the sentence  "I do agree with service conditions of ROVI service" , date and signature.

If delivering Laptop, please add adapter, if not agreed otherwise. With monitor do not send any other peripherals (connecting cable, power cord etc..)

   We do not take responsibility in case of badly described malfunction; respectively we give no warranty on the estimation of reparation price before diagnostics of the device or reparation itself.  

Service conditions.
According to the settlement of Civic Code of Law, we offer 3 months warranty an all service activities. Warranty covers only applied reparations, not the device, and only in the case that protective guarantee sticker of company ROVI was not impaired.

Reparations we usually issue to 7 working days., or occasionally in an express period based upon mutual agreement.

In case of delivery of faulty gaming console using postal service, courier or different way of delivery, we send repaired device back, according to complexity of a repair and availability of spare parts, on next day, respectively, latest at 7 working days. As a delivery address we use address printed on the reparation order form. To repaired device you will also receive certificate of reparation, on which is stated for whom the reparation was performed, brand, type, serial number of repaired device, nature of reparation, price and date of reparation, as well as company stamp with signature.

If repaired device was not received by issuer of order and was returned via postal service to Rovi company, in such case there is only possibility of personal retrieval (in service hours) in our production center. Additionally to the price of repair and delivery costs, after one month period store fee in amount of 15 euro is added.  This possibility of retrieval of repaired gaming console can be  applied in a period of 6 months after the execution of reparation, after this time, in accordance with Civic Code of Law, The company executing the reparation, ROVI in this case, has the right to sell, demount or otherwise voluntarily dispose with the specific device.  

Payment possibilities for services and return delivery in case of non-personaly delivered laptops and monitors:

1. After the execution of repair, based on our notification (via email or phone) about the final price of reparation, Summary price will be the final price of reparation  + 6 euro as transportation fee,and the method of payment used the cash on delivery.
2. After the execution of repair, based on our notification (via email or phone) about the final price of reparation, customer issues a payment order with specified sum on our bank account a immediately after receiving money will be the repaired gaming console sent to him via postal service, on delivery address stated by customer.
3. Before the execution of repair, based on agreed price for reparation. (via mail or phone)

ROVI company handles mobile phones, MacBooks, laptops, game consoles (XBOX and Playstation) services. Besides services we offer you to buy additional merchendise from our shop.


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