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Price list for repair Laptops and Monitors

After falls, bumps, or otherwise heavily damaged Laptops or Monitors it is necessity to perform malfunction diagnostics first.  This is valid also in case of devices if the above-mentioned devices, cannot be turned on. Only afterward it can be defined which part of cell phone is damaged and thus the complete price of reparation. From the complete price of reparation the diagnostics price will be discounted.
Failure Diagnostics is 30,0 €. Repairing price depends from price of parts and components ,


     Deascription fail                                                             Minimal  price in € (
•    charging problems                                                                   30
•    display (blank lcd, inverter, lcd backlight etc....)                          60
•    keyboard, touchpad                                                                 30-60
•    heating up (heatsink cleaning, fan)                                            30
•    broaken connector (LAN,audio, charging etc..)                           30-40
•    faulty port (USB...)                                                                   20-30
•    broaken hinges ,holders                                                           50
•    password removing (in bios)                                                      60
•    others(installingOSwin,mac)                                                     40

     Monitors pairing prices is arround 30-80 €

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Up-dating: 15.01.2018

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