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Privacy protection

For cooperation and use of our services, we need to know some personal information. We respect your privacy, so we try to minimize the amount of data on the most urgent and protect data from misuse and do not provide them to others (except for companies that ensure postal services companies or clearing). Documentation of personal data is fully subject to legal standards, the law on personal data protection.

From a physical person, customer, our customer service, we need the following information: name, full mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address. These data are necessary for your identification and to insure smooth communication with you.

From the corporate entities we need as well a corporate address of company, registration number and tax identification number.

By using our Internet service you agree to the use of personal data in the extent and the aforementioned rules.

We reserve the right to waive the security guarantees in case of attacks on our web site unknown perpetrator (Hecker). Only in this case, the above rules for handling data are not applicable.

ROVI company handles mobile phones, MacBooks, laptops, game consoles (XBOX and Playstation) services. Besides services we offer you to buy additional merchendise from our shop.


Up-dating: 15.01.2018

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