Mobile Phones, PlayStation, Xbox and Laptops


Besides servicing of electronic devices published on our website, we are offering sales of new or already used cell phones, gaming consoles, and laptops in our production centre or via postal service.

In case of retail out of production centre, it is necessary firstly to make an agreement via mail (only in extraordinary cases via phone contact). Buyer will receive Variable symbol and after obtaining of agreed price for specific device to our bank account, this device will be sent immediately (in period of one working day) with appropriate documentation and peripherals to customer given delivery address in form of a registered mail package.

In our production centre we also offer peripherals to offered devices.
To cell phones, batteries original and non orginial chargers, car chargers, covers, quivers, memory cards, data cables, ear phones, protective follies, and others.

To gaming consoles: adapters, joysticks (controllers), memory cards, connecting cables and others.

To laptops:  displays, adapters, cables, and other usually upon request.

Retail of peripherals outside the production centre is possible upon agreement based on mail contact.

ROVI company handles mobile phones, MacBooks, laptops, game consoles (XBOX and Playstation) services. Besides services we offer you to buy additional merchendise from our shop.


Up-dating: 15.01.2018

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