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General Warranty, retail and objection terms

Warranty terms

1.    According to the Civil Code we offer warranty on a products as follows:

  • New stock, 24 months from the day of the sale, This warranty is valid for the final products (e.g. Chargers) which have their defined usage.
  • Previously used stock: 12 months from the date of the sale.
  • For reparation of products: 3 months.

2.    Seller bears responsibility towards buyer, for the sold items being without malfunctions and suitable for use, which seller proclaims, or the item itself is usually used to.

3.    On the stock of expletive character, even if its new, the warranty of 12 moths is not applicable.

4.    Attrition of the item by normal usage or shorter life cycle, characteristic for the item is not considered as a fault involved in warranty.

5.    As a decree for the purpose of validation of warranty, is considered a selling bill issued by seller, or if issued, warranty list.

6.    If the fault becomes apparent in a period of 6 months form the obtaining of product, it is considered existing in a delivery period, otherwise buyer is obliged to prove that fault is not a result of his, or someone else use of product, and product was correctly handled all time.

Retail terms

1.    By ordering and obtaining of product, customer acknowledges, that he read understood and agreed with our retail and warranty terms.

2.    If issuing a internet purchase, customer has right to abstain from contract and return of the bought product in period of 7 days since the delivery without necessity of stating the reason for that. ( Buyer can not without the approval of seller abstain from the contract concerning the product nonreturnable by its nature.

3.   Customer executes his right to abstain from the contract via written covering letter, addressed to the address published on website contacts. Abstaining from contract has to include identification of buyer, date of order, exact specification of the stock, and number of account where the return payment should be issued.

4.    Stock has to be returned without any harm, with complete peripherals and decrees issued with the purchase, e. g. Buying contract, payment bill, warranty letter etc..

5.   It is necessary to send the stock using delivery into own hands, and insured, as seller does not take responsibility for the stock during transportation. (into own hands delivery does not mean cash by delivery method) All return costs are bared by customer, except the cases when product was malfunctioning or does not kept the selling standards. As a product fully fitting the standards is considered every product published on our website.

6.   If Buyer abstains form contract, whilst keeping all aforementioned terms, and will deliver the stock to the seller, this namely the ROVI company after the check of the stock returns the full price for the stock to the buyer in period of 15 days, issuing payment on the account number stated in covering letter.

7.    If Buyer has not kept all aforementioned terms, abstaining from the valid contract is not possible, and seller is not obliged to return full price to buyer, and at the same time has right to demand coverage of expenses connected to re-delivery of the stock back to buyer.

Objection terms

1.   To raise objection is possible only on stock bought and payed in our store.

2.    Objection wont be accepted, if it is clearly apparent, that non-functionality of product was caused by its invalid use, unprofessional manipulation, usage to other aim as the device was designed for, over-passing of technical abilities of device, other external damage, involving actions of personnel unauthorized for professional electronic service, by damaging the security seals,forging of adequate documents, by damaging by water, fire, static or atmospheric electricity, other elements, or by usage in extreme conditions.

3.    In the case of unlawful objection, is seller eligible to charge the customer every even started hour of testing of product by price 10 euros.

4.    During warranty period, the buyer is eligible to validate the objection of malfunctions, which has not been caused by his actions, and this without any unnecessary delay after the malfunction has revealed. About validity decides seller.

5.    To object production defects is possible when they appear in warranty period. It is also obliged to issue this objection in that particular time. After warranty period objection right expires.

6.    Buyer has right to demand resolution of his objection as soon asa possible, latest until 30 days from acceptation of objection.
7.    If seller cannot resolve objection in the period of 30 days, buyer has the same right as if the malfunction was unrecoverable, that means return of payment or piece by piece replacement.

8.    If the malfunction can be recoverable, buyer has right to demand its charge-less and timely recovery.  

9.    In a case of unrecoverable malfunctions the buyer has right for replacement for fully functional device.

10.    If identical malfunction appears on the device for 3 or more times, buyer has the same rights as in the case of unrecoverable malfunctions.

11.    Buyer is also eligible to demand discount if the product has apparent faults not prohibiting its normal functioning. In such case these faults cannot be objected in future.

12.   In case of valid objection device will be delivered back to buyer on the costs covered by ROVI company.

13.    Warranty is in case of valid objection prolonged by a time of resolution of objection, and period when the buyer is obliged to recover the repaired device.

14.    In case of disputable objections individual approach will be applied.

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